Case-study focused agenda led by healthcare experts...



Recruit, attract and retain the right talent


  • Examining new approaches to workforce planning in an increasingly competitive space 
  • Strategies for high attraction of new staff and keep the existing talent pool thriving   
  • Recruiting the right people with the right skills for the right place to meet the growing demands


  • A journey from personnel management to a focus on employee experience 
  • Driving innovation in a conventional environment 
  • Strategies for engaging and developing current employees and attracting new talent



  • Recruitment incentives, limited resources and more (and more) people retiring 
  • Successfully implementing strategies to grow the workforce – both skilled and beginner   
  • Nurturing staff so they are more inclined towards full-time commitment rather than part-time/contract


  • Recruiting and retaining the best people to enable a high performing, patient-centred culture  
  • Embedding and using executive leadership rounding to support culture change: enablers and barriers 
  • Investing in the capability of our people to improve patient outcomes while fostering a culture of recognition, accountability and responsibility  
  • Utilising data to support continuous improvement and deliver consistency of care 

Enabling transformation through culture change & prioritising health and wellbeing 


  • Maintaining employee engagement and clinical culture when implementing large scale change 
  • Developing and implementing a safety and wellness strategy in a complex and disruptive industrial environment 
  • Improving controls and intervention strategies through collaborative practices 



  • RT1: Developing a coaching culture
    • Heather Moses, Learning and Development Consultant, NSW South Eastern Sydney Health District 

  • RT2: Prioritising healthcare employees safety and quality knowledge 
    • Sarah Fischer, Lead Organisational Psychologist, Clinical Excellence Commission

  • RT3: Using data to plan for future workforce needs and support continuous improvement 
    • Natalie Wilson, Director Transforming Your Experience, South Western Sydney Local Health District 


  • Collaboratively building a set of behaviours to improve workplace culture 
  • Designing a skills building journey to make culture change sustainable 
  • Weaving in the red thread: Leveraging from existing activities to reinforce desired cultures


Leadership and culture


  • The role of HR – are we developing or managing people?  
  • Understanding the generation and nature of workforce  
  • Why leadership and culture are intrinsic to workforce planning  
  • Training and workforce planning from an aged care perspective


  • What is the culture we need?  
  • How do leaders create and reinforce it?  
  • What leadership skills are critical and why?  


  • Adopting evidence-based capability frameworks which articulate healthcare employees’ safety and quality knowledge, skills and abilities requirements 
  • Spanning the full scope of healthcare employees, from the bedside to the board 
  • Designing recruitment and selection methods, L&D programs, and succession planning to ensure the workforce demonstrates the required safety and quality capabilities for delivering high quality care






  • Applying 70:20:10 principles to foster sustainability
  • Program scoping, design and implementation (10% formal learning)
  • Learning from others (20%) and applying new knowledge and skills on the job (70%)

Navigating the challenge of succession planning, redefining flexibility and an ageing workforce 


  • Creating an environment that supports flexibility and delivers on ROI   
  • Developing and supporting leaders and unit managers  
  • Creating a more resilient workforce amidst the reality of a high staff turnover  
  • Fostering a ‘high performing’ pool to support succession strategy 
  • Providing timely opportunities for professional development



  • Attracting the right talent and building a pool of different scenarios
  • Strategies to address talent shortages and maintain a consistent workforce flow 
  • Scaling up succession planning at ground staff level  
  • Developing a robust framework to guide talent development  
  • Ensuring programs and initiatives are meeting the needs of succession planning 


  • Effectively managing critical shortage of trained healthcare professionals  
  • Building a strong and resilient workforce under such conditions 
  • Understanding how the global Marie Stopes network has faced these challenges in a number of international and local settings 

Becoming future-focused 


  • Delivering today’s workforce needs while preparing for the future clinical workforce needs 
  • Examining how workforce data can be effectively utilised to plan for the future  
  • Using data to develop a strategic framework to guide workforce planning 



  • Leadership and culture – why it is key to performance, recruitment and retention  
  • Leading with data, growth strategies and capability development to be future-ready  
  • Empowering new graduates to shoulder the future of Australia’s healthcare


  • Defining the role of a doctor now and in the future 
  • Supporting development in the critical capabilities for doctors beyond their clinical expertise 
  • Developing a market leading program to build our future leaders in healthcare



  • Commitment to innovative and values driven recruitment practices.  Are we bringing everyone along on the journey? 
  • Collaborative future proofing of our workforce in a competitive industry to meet the workforce gap 
  • Leveraging data to tell our recruitment story and help us continue to move forward


  • Consolidating services to ensure they remain in the community 
  • Diversifying and sharing administration tasks 
  • Creating a workplace that is innovative and provides variety for staff 


  • Strategies and models to empower new graduates to enter specialty seas early in their career 
  • Incentives to help better retain staff 
  • Enabling university graduates to meet Australia’s future demands